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TIME TO GO HOME - From England to New Zealand the long way. 10,000km overland by skateboard, 4,000 miles over the sea by boat.

So what started as a 12,000km cycle journey across the Eurasian continent has now become a very different kind of challenge.

Traveler Rob Thomson has cycled 12,000km from Japan to Switzerland across some of the most remote and hostile environments on the planet. He has endured -23 degrees Celcuis daytime temperatures, cycled over 4,600m high passes, and has put up with some of the most challenging bureaucracies on the continent.

However, on the 25th of June 2007, almost a year since he set out from Japan on his recumbent bicycle, he sent his bicycle home and started out again on a longboard skateboard.

He is doing what has never been attempted before; skateboarding solo and unassisted across Europe, North America, and China. Having already skated 1,500km through Europe from Switzerland to England, he is now ready to skateboard 5,000km across North America, and follow up with a 5,000km warm-down across China before flying home to New Zealand.

Described by some as undoable and ill-advisable, this will be a journey that will test Rob physically and mentally. Bookmark this site and check back often for regular updates on how the new challenge is unfolding.


The 14degrees Journey is a proud supporter of the Lowe Syndrome Association, USA. Find out more about the disease and the association at www.lowesyndrome.org, and donate online via 14degrees.org to support this association's efforts at the 14degrees Journey giving page.


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Do you want to support the 14degrees journey by supplying equipment and/or expertise? If so, please take a look at the current gear wish list for specific items that you can help with.

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Rob supports the Lowe Syndrome Association (LSA). You can too. All proceeds go directly to LSA.

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