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Gear for skateboarding

For my gear list for the Japan to Switzerland leg on the recumbent bicycle, please visit the Gear for Cycling page.

The focus for the new onward skateboarding leg of my journey is ‘lightweight’. I had made some fairly drastic changes over the 9 months and 12,000kms it took to get to Switzerland on my bike, but I had to get even more ruthless when it came to thinking of having to wear a pack on my back for up to 6 hours a day.

There are still some areas of this list where I could save up to 1,000g (1kg) such as rain gear. Switching to light rain gear could save me up to 700g. Switching to a lighter sleeping bag could save me an additional 200g. That’s equivalent to an extra 1 litre of water I could carry. Numbers like that really come into play when you are travelling in very dry or remote areas.

The following table is a strict ‘weight budget’ that must be adhered to at all costs if the challenge of skateboarding 8,000km is to be realised.

My skateboard is a low-to-the ground carbon and kevlar composite longboard with big 97mm wheels that eat up most of the rough stuff on most good sealed roads.

Summer Skateboarding Gear List

45 litre backpack – 1420g
Light weight down sleeping bag – 1045g
Light weight closed-cell sleeping mat (small) – 230g
Core total – 2695g

Skateboard tools – 150g
Tools total – 150g

Extra clothes
Wateproof jacket – 600g
Waterproof rain pants – 572g
Merino wool zipup top – 577g
Merino wool 260 weight thermal – 299g
Merino wool 200 weight longjohns – 188g
Merino wool balaclava – 45g
Light weight Powerstretch gloves – 45g
Cotton sunhat – 85g
Thick woollen socks – 100g
Extra clothes total – 2511g

First Aid Kit – 315g
LED healight – 78g
Pen – 10g
Lighter – 20g
Maps – 100g
Survival Blanket – 58g
Knee brace – 44g
Digital thermometer – 14g
Sunblock – 40g
Lipbalm – 10g
Survival total – 689g

Beer can stove – 13g
Ceramic coated aluminium pot (1.5 litre) – 173g
Pot lid – 69g
Pot stuff sack – 20g
1.5 PET bottle – 30g
Titanium spork – 19g
Measuring cup made from PET bottle – 20g
Fuel (1l alcohol) – 864g
Wind shield – 44g
Cooking total – 1252g

Canon Powershot A540 digital camera – 177g
Spare batteries for camera x4 – 100g
USB SD card reader – 20g
Holder for batteries – 20g
Ultrapod mini tripod – 50g
Battery charger for AA batteries – 80g
Plug adapter – Road Warrior – 43g
Fisheye lense – 40g
2Gb USB flash memory stick – 10g
Spare AAA batteries x4 – 75g
Electronic total – 615g

Stuff sack 5L x3 – 60g
Dental floss – 20g
Toothbrush and paste – 50g
Ear plugs and case – 5g
Documents and case – 300g
Microfibre towel – 80g
Miscellaneous total – 515g

Food (estimated)
Two days pasta – 500g
Four days polenta – 500g
Cheese – 200g
Tomato salsa – 250g
Tuna – 300g
1l water – 1000g
Food total – 2750g

Total pack weight – 11177g

In addition to those items listed above, I will be wearing a 200 weight merino wool top, polyester trousers, underpants, thin socks, and lightweight hiking boots.