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Sponsor Information

Thank you so much to all my sponsors for their belief in the 14degrees adventure. I am greatly encouraged when individuals and companies are passionate enough about what they do that they extend a helping hand to adventurers on adventures that set new standards for others to follow. All of the sponsors below encompass all that I strive for; excellence, pushing boundaries of the possible, and stoke for adventure.

Principal Sponsor(s):

Name: Cessna Pharmacy
Location: Beppu City, Japan
Many thanks to Dan Nogami for his belief, trust, and enthusiasm for the journey, even before I left Japan.
Your Logo Here ** There is an opportunity for one more Principal Sponsor to become involved. Contact Rob for more information.


Name: Bones Bearings
Location: USA
Link: www.bonesbearings.com
Bones Bearings produces high quality Skate Rated skateboard bearings. I skate over 2,000 miles on just one set. Fast and durable.
Name: Transa Outdoor
Location: Switzerland
Link: www.transa.ch
Thank you to Transa Outdoor of Basel, Switzerland for supplying the GPS unit for accurately recording and tracking my daily distance on the board.
Name: Cycle Shop Roppo
Location: Oita City, Japan
Link: www.i-bunbun.com/5760/index.html
Thank you to Cycle Shop Roppo for their enthusiasm and belief in my concept for my journey before I left Japan. Thank you for supplying high quality cycling shoes, spare parts, and invaluable advice.
Name: Funboxx China
Location: China
Link: www.funboxx.cn
Funboxx is the hub for extreme sports in China. They are located in Shanghai, and hooked me up with some fantastic Smith sunglasses, a Protec Helmet, a Smartwool beanie, some Smartwool socks, and an MSR water purifier. Thanks guys!
Name: Longboard Larry
Location: Oregon, USA
Link: www.longboardlarry.net
Larry is passionate about longboarding. Thanks to that passion, he developed a fantastic long distance pushing board that I am now loving. Ultra durable, shock absorbing, low to the ground. The perfect pushing machine. He also has a great durable longboard prototype trailer hitch design that has great potential. It has lasted the test of a journey across China!
Name: Holey Trucks
Location: United Kingdom
Link: www.holeytruck.com
Thank you to Holey Trucks for their passionate enthusiasm for my endeavour. They provided a new set of trucks, even though they had to pry my old Holey Trucks (which had done over 10,000km with no replacement parts or damage) out of my reluctant grip! Such magnificent long lasting quality and fantastic carving-ability.
Name: TSG International
Location: Switzerland
Link: www.ridetsg.com
Thank you to TSG for providing the ultralight skateboarding helmet for my journey. Thankfully, it has not yet fulfilled its purpose!
Name: Loro World Recumbents
Location: Kyoto, Japan
Link: www.loro.co.jp/index2-lwr.html
Thank you to Loro for supplying some key parts for my recumbent bicycle.
Name: Nikirin
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Link: www.e-isuya.com/nikirin/bicycle-top.htm
Thank you to Sashikata-san for supplying a multi-tool for the bicycle leg of the journey.
Name: The Travel Hammock
Location: USA
Link: www.thetravelhammock.com
Thank you to Travel Hammock for providing an ultralight hammock to be adapted to my needs for an ‘air brake’ for the skateboarding leg of the journey. UPDATE (August 2008): The parachute worked well on deserted roads under the right wind conditions, but not in real life, unfortunately. Thanks to Travel Hammock for giving me the hammock to try though. In it’s natural environment, the hammock would be a strong, durable alternative to a tent!