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From the first ever ‘micro-adventure’ that Alastair Humphreys posted online – a lap around the M25 motorway near London* – I knew that he was onto something. Putting a name to something so simple and yet so rewarding*. The Howies-Alastair micro adventure competition* was a great way to bring the concept to […]

Howies Micro Adventure Competition – Winner Four

Howies* and Alastair Humphreys* did really well to promote the concept of micro-adventure*, when they joined forces* and opened a ‘Micro-Adventure Competition’. One of the winners of the competition was duo Emma and Ariel in Norther Ireland. On bikes, they hoofed it off from home to coast and back again, […]

Howies Micro Adventure Competition – Winner Three

Continuing this series of posts on micro-adventure*, here is another winner of the Howies Micro Adventure Competition. From what I can gather, Simon Edwards is a bloke from West Sussex in the UK, a “devon boy in exile in the south east of england, making the journey from wide eye […]

Howies Micro Adventure Competition – Winner Two

At some point towards the beginning of my skate across China in 2008, I wrote the following piece for the forum. I happened to come across it again after all these years, so I thought I would share it here. Somehow I managed to capture well the trials and […]

Distance Skateboarding in China