Monthly Archives: October 2014

Following on from our mountain loop bike ride yesterday, Haidee and I headed to the sea today to explore the peninsula-like land-form encircling Muroran Harbor: one of Hokkaido’s largest and busiest harbors. I call this ride the Muroran Sky Ride, because the route follows a summit road along the ridge […]

Adventure cycling in Muroran City: The Muroran Sky Ride

“I never considered Muroran high on my list of places to live,” Haidee mused a few weeks back. She had just landed a job at Muroran Institute of Technology (MIT) as associate professor, and we were in the process of sorting out a place for her to live there. And […]

Hike ‘n biking in Muroran City: The MIT – Dan ...

Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Sapporo City, it is easy to forget that just half a day’s bike ride away is one of Japan’s most pristine volcanic lakes. This past long weekend we combined a bike ride to the lake with a hike up the 1,030m active volcano, […]

Mt Tarumae Bike ‘n Hike