The Atlantic

In August 2007, I crewed on a yacht delivery (worked for passage) from the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The trans-Atlantic voyage took just over three weeks. Every day of the voyage is accounted for below, in blog format. The blog articles begin from ‘Day 387’, which is 387 days since I left Japan in July 2006. I begin the story from where I arrive in France, looking for a yacht to travel on across the Atlantic.

Video of the Voyage

Total distance sailed: 1060 NM Midnight GPS position: N 18.05 W065.30 Wind: Variable Light Sea state: Flat Click the image above for a video of the latest trip; The Bahmas to The British Virgin Islands by sailboat. At long last, the sea has flattened off, and we are able to […]

Day 439 and 440 – THE CARIBBEAN (PUERTO RICO): Cruising

Total distance sailed: 768 NM Midnight GPS position: N 19.31 W069.30 Wind: Variable and light Sea state: Calm I walked briskly towards the marina office, hopeful that everything would be sorted out concerning my visa card. Without it, not only would we have no money for extra fuel to get […]


We have found the root cause of all our grief over the last 48 hours – a very clogged diesel intake pipe. Again most of the day was taken up with recovering from the sleepless two days of sailing from Emerald Bay Marina in The Exumas to Turks and Caicos, […]


The night of Day 432: Waves of nausea attack me as I struggle to keep grip on the handle of diesel-soaked screwdriver handle. I curse myself for absently wiping the back of my hand under my nose to wipe away the sweat that is flowing in droplets down my face. […]

Day 432 and 433 – THE CARIBBEAN (THE BAHAMAS and ...

Distance sailed today:297 NM Total distance sailed: 297 NM Midnight GPS position: N 23.20 W074.33 Wind: SE Wind Force 2-3 Sea state: Calm to slight …self assured and adventurous. Hmmmm. Yes. That’s what I’m looking for in a woman… …marine eingineer? Perhaps in that line of work I could go […]

Day 431 – THE CARIBBEAN (THE BAHAMAS): A bumpy ride

Contrast. Calm and shallow: Deep and rough: I was on full alert last night on my night watch. This boat has a draft of 2.1m. Most of my watch, we were sailing through 3m of water. That means that the very bottom of the boat was clearing the bottom by […]


When I awoke, the small prop plane was nose-diving at an angle so steep that the steward was half hauling himself up the aisle in a rush to get back to his seat. Before the flight on the tarmac at Miami International Airport he was jovial. “Welcome aboard,” he said […]

Day 426 – THE CARIBBEAN (BAHAMAS): Abacos Island

I find myself once again thrown into a mad rush of dizzying proportions. I am now in the USA. In Miami. But tomorrow I won’t be. I will be in the Bahamas on Abacos Island. Confused yet? So am I. Basically, Reliance Yacht Management ( have been really great and […]

Day 425 – THE CARIBBEAN (kind of): Tortola to Miami

We made a late afternoon departure out of St. Martin, and we are now heading towards Tortola, the biggest island in the British Virgin Islands. We hope to arrive tomorrow morning at around 9am. Today consisted only of cleaning and prepping the boat for handover in Tortola. Washing the decks, […]

Day 422 – THE ATLANTIC: Day Twenty Seven

Total distance sailed: 2769 NM Midnight GPS position: N 18.03 W063.00 Wind: Variable Sea state: Calm Well, I didn’t think we’d make it on the diesel we had left, but due to some crafty diesel saving plans by Skipper Steve, we made it. We arrived at Captain Oliver’s Marina on […]

Day 421 – THE ATLANTIC: Day Twenty Six

Distance sailed today:118 NM Total distance sailed: 2658 NM Midnight GPS position: N 18.16 W062.15 Wind: E Wind Force 1-3 Sea state: Slight Generator hours: 17.1hr We are short on diesel. With only 40 miles to go to St. Martin Island, it is touch and go as to whether we […]

Day 420 – THE ATLANTIC: Day Twenty Five

Distance sailed today:134 NM Total distance sailed: 2520 NM Midnight GPS position: N 18.54 W060.15 Wind: E Wind Force 3-4 Sea state: Slight Generator hours: 20.2hr The boat cleaning has begun in earnest today in anticipation for arrival in Tortola in a few days time. We are delivering a new […]

Day 419 – THE ATLANTIC: Day Twenty Four

Distance sailed today:113 NM Total distance sailed: 2386 NM Midnight GPS position: N 19.40 W057.46 Wind: E Wind Force 2-4 Sea state: Slight Generator hours: 7.3hr When I awoke at midnight to begin my four hour graveyard watch, it was smooth sailing. I was taking over from Steve. “Very nice […]

Day 418 – THE ATLANTIC: Day Twenty Three