Monthly Archives: February 2006

If I don’t have some sort of Japanese input device, then I won’t be able to do Japanese diary posts on computers that don’t have the Japanese language pack on them. I can type Japanese on my PDA, and then directly copy that into the computer I’m working on a […]

Pre-Departure (146 days): I do need a PDA after all

I had a thought this morning…yes, it hurt. They come out of the blue, these thoughts…. Do I really need a PDA on this trip? The reason I am thinking of taking one is so that I can type up a daily diary. Having the diary in data format would speed up […]

Pre-Departure (147 days): No Need For a PDA?

A small hill on the way to London has finally been surmounted. Rob has integrated his site into a content management software package called WordPress. The beauty of this, you see, is that when he needs to update or edit something on his website, all he needs to do is […]

Pre-Departure (148 days): Website Finally Running