Monthly Archives: April 2006

I noticed yesterday that there was water spitting out of the top of the suspension forks on my bike. The damper cap (indicated by arrows) was loose, and it seems as though it got water in there on Saturday when I was riding in the rain. This can’t be a […]

Pre-Departure (90 days): Water in the suspension forks

Everyday you learn something new…some frequent visitors to this site may have noticed that for the best part of a week, was not online. This was due to what I assume was a kind of ‘hacking robot’. One day I go to access the website, and I got a […]

Pre-Departure (105 days): Website hacked

The second round of jabs went smoothly today. This time was: Hepatitus A (second shot) Hepatitus B (second shot) Rabies (second shot) Typhoid The total cost for this session was 45,000yen (ouch). The culprit was the typhoid shot. There are no typhoid vaccine supplies within Japan, so it had to […]

Pre-Departure (111 days): injected with diseases – second round

The HPVelotechink Street Machine GTe comes with front and rear suspension as standard. I upgraded to the lighter Meks Carbon AC front shock and DT-Swiss rear airshock. While both shocks seem to be very high quality, the reality is that they are moving parts that are affected by water and […]

Pre-Departure (113 days): Bike suspension boots