Daily Archives: August 11, 2006

Lynley asked why it is that I took a train across China rather than biking across. I think this is a very good question and it deserves a good answer. Actually it is quite easy. I need to get through Tajikistan before winter. I am planning on cycling the Pamir Highway in […]

Reason for not biking across China

I have uploaded some photos directly to my server from the last few days. They are all very large photos, so beware… http://14degrees.org/photos/IMG_0299.JPG http://14degrees.org/photos/IMG_0327.JPG http://14degrees.org/photos/IMG_0340.JPG http://14degrees.org/photos/IMG_0345.JPG http://14degrees.org/photos/IMG_0354.JPG http://14degrees.org/photos/IMG_0370.JPG http://14degrees.org/photos/IMG_0383.JPG http://14degrees.org/photos/IMG_0389.JPG http://14degrees.org/photos/IMG_0393.JPG

Day Twenty – Photos from around Urumqi

Well people, sorry for the lack of photos. The Great Firewall of China is blocking access to flickr.com, the site that I use to organize, resize, and store my photos online. Does anyone know of a way of getting around this? Urumqi is dry dry dry. Already have in my […]