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The Bridge To Nowhere in the Whanganui National Park is indeed an anomoly of crazy land development planning. It does indeed go nowhere. Such a beautiful bridge. To nowhere. I camped last night on the bridge. Birdsong in the morning was awesome. Just awesome. Sounds that I have never heard […]

Day 832 – NEW ZEALAND: From The Bridge To Nowhere ...

From a Wikipedia article about the Mangapurua Valley: THE BRIDGE TO NOWHERE Started in January 1935 and completed in June 1936, this bridge was built by the Raetihi firm of Sandford and Brown, for the Public Works Department. It is 130 feet long, and 125 feet above the stream. The […]

Day 831 – NEW ZEALAND: From Cootes Clearing to The ...

Today had overtones of those four days pushing my bike in Kyrgyzstan (starting on Day 51). What I had expected to be a perfectly navigable by bicycle track ended up being a serious hiking trail with steep gully descents and absolutely un-rideable terrain. I was following the Mangapurua Track from […]

Day 830 – NEW ZEALAND: From Whakahoro to Cootes Clearing

I was up and away from Taumarunui Holiday Park early today with the first stop the local Beaurepairs tyre repair shop. Here I scrounged out back for four large truck tyre tubes. With help from the staff, I walked out with four grand second-hand tubes, expertly patched up for NZ$10. […]

Day 829 – NEW ZEALAND: The mission is on!

Awoke today to frost! Today was Labour Day in New Zealand. This is a national holiday celebrating the 40-hour week. The holiday is strictly observed, except for large supermarket chains. The plan to get tubes today for the Whanganui National Park mission was thwarted, so I checked into the Taumarunui […]

Day 828 – NEW ZEALAND: A rest day in Taumarunui

Another reluctant farewell today, as I rode off from Bruce and Melanie’s into a cold day with occassional showers and lots and lots of uphills, gravel roads, and no traffic. I have to give a big thanks to Bruce for discussing with me possible routes south. The beauty of travelling […]

Day 827 – NEW ZEALAND: From Te Kuiti to Taumarunui ...

I got to sleep on a spare matress in the living room of one of the most spell-binding homes I have stayed in on my travels. Waking up to birdsong, sitting up and being greeted by a commanding view over the lower valleys, shrouded in low cloud…I’m pretty sure that […]

Day 826 – NEW ZEALAND: A quiet day at Bruce ...

Progress called today, and I was on my bike by mid-morning, heading for Waitomo. Bruce, co-owner of Huhu Cafe and Store in Waitomo, contacted me after reading updates on my blog since he saw me on national TV when I was still in China. Once again I stuck to the […]

Day 825 – NEW ZEALAND: From Hamilton to Waitomo

Mike had thought ahead to my arrival, and had taken a day off work today to ride for a day with me. Since I was taking the most back of back roads as possible, last night we came up with a suitably out of the way route from Hamilton to […]

Day 822 – NEW ZEALAND: Turned out to be a ...

I was smiling this morning as I packed my tent away and watched as the sun slowly climbed over the low hills. Dew covered everything, but my tent dried quickly once it was draped over some convenient dry brown gorse in the sun. The dry dying gorse was in stark […]

Day 820 – NEW ZEALAND: From Tuakau to Nikau Caves

I have been blown away by the sheer number of thank you’s and congratulations over the last few weeks since I completed the journey by skateboard. It has been a whilrwind few weeks since completing the trip, and I have been feeling way behind in my blog updates. So, without […]

Day 817 – NEW ZEALAND: What next?

A big thank you to the New Zealand Academy of Sport in Auckland today. Joe McQuillan, a sports physiologist at the institute put me through my paces to see how fit I really am. TV3 National News was there to record the pain! Click on the text link below to […]

Day 815 – NEW ZEALAND: Grueling physical test

A few weeks before arriving in Shanghai, on the last 300km stretch of the skateboard leg of my journey, the mood on was buzzing. An online home for distance skateboarders in the UK and around the world, SkateFurther was alive with talk of the next 24 Hour Ultraskate. An […]

Day 813 – NEW ZEALAND: New Zealand CanTeen 24 Hour ...

For the last three days I have done little but sit on the couch. Highlights from the couch so far include: I put together some random footage of Michele (my host here in Shanghai) and I skating around Shanghai (above). Youtube version of the same video here: Read Moods […]

Day 805 – CHINA (SHANGHAI): Couch potato