Monthly Archives: December 2008

Some readers may recall that way back in Uzbekistan, the un-thinkable happened. I was using a small portable hard drive to back up all my photos and videos, and on the very day that I decided I would back the drive up (all 20GB of it), it stopped working ( […]

Day 890 – NEW ZEALAND: Re-discovered

An interesting talk by best selling author Rick Warren (click the link and a new window will display the video). Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life was a massive best seller. “Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose-Driven Life, reflects on his own crisis of purpose in the wake […]

Day 883 – NEW ZEALAND: It’s not about me

Who’d have thought that a blog about a cycle journey from Japan to England would end up saturated with a fella’s musings about his struggle with God. If you came for the cycling and deserts and frozen beards, and are getting annoyed with my inward searching at present, I apologise. […]

Day 880 – NEW ZEALAND: Ground Beef

Before I unload some brain-baggage here, I’ll post some fun pictures. It was a fun weekend just been. I got to visit my Cousin Rach and Sam and flatting atmosphere in Dunedin on the way down to Invercargill for the Thomson Christmas Party. It was a long two days with […]

Day 879 – NEW ZEALAND: Mincing Faith

With baby steps I am getting closer to understanding how the whole ‘let’s publish a book!’ idea works. As an introduction, I am planning to publish a book about my travels. Much of what the book will be made up of can more or less be found on my blog. […]

Day 874 – NEW ZEALAND: Book update

I’ll try not to cry as I write this post… I feel no small amount of loss at this present time. I feel grief over what I have lost, and what I am losing. I also feel an excitement of what might be, but a loss because I know I […]

Day 873 – NEW ZEALAND: Re-entry

Did you know that www (the bit that comes before the internet sites eg actually stands for World Wide Waste of Time? Well sometimes you see something that does have the potential to change you life. How to build an igloo is one such example. Video below originally seen […]

Day 869 – NEW ZEALAND: www…

It has been one week since I arrived at my parent’s home in Christchurch. A week since my journey came to a screeching halt. It feels like a month. When I boil it all down, the thing that is keeping my mind and fingers busy over the last week is […]

Day 867 – NEW ZEALAND: Time flies

I am having some issues of late with blog posts disappearing. So this is a test to see if this one is swallowed up by the cyberspace gremlins too or not. Perhaps I should include a picture of sushi to see if that would flush them out… Can blog-post gobbling […]

Calling all blot-post-gobbling gremlins!