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  1. Hey Rob
    me and my girlfriend have for the last 2 months been staying in trelis bay with aragorn in the BVIs…
    and he informed s of your epic journeys.
    basically this year we will be heading from England to China via india on bicycles…and just wanted to grab some advice on the route….do you think heading through the northern stans is the best option as we would then have to cross the himalayas down to india ??? and also how was getting visas for some of those countries?
    would be awesome if you could throw any information you think handy our way

    thanks bro


    • Hey Ben, thanks for the message! Give my warm regards to Aaragorn. I have very fond memories of Trellis Bay! That sounds like an awesome journey you’ve got planned. As far as I know, getting to India via the south (via Iran/Pakistan etc) or from the North (via China) both involve some very difficult bureaucracy and/or regions in unrest. Namely Pakistan (if taking a southerly route) and Tibet (from the north). Tibet in particular I’ve heard is a tough proposition to cycle through without a group and guide (in terms of permits etc). That said, cyclists do both of these routes routinely. Some go for the no-mile-uncycled approach (with associated risk), while others jump on other transport through hot-spots. You’d have to do some research on recent conditions either way. I definitely loved my time cycling through the ‘Stans (Turk, Tajiki, Kyrgyz, and Kazakh -stans) and thoroughly recommend it. Visas can be a labyrinth to orgainze, but nothing that a little pre-research before setting off won’t solve.

  2. Rob,
    I’m a novice sailor looking to crew on a sailboat voyage .
    I’ve enjoyed watching your Atlantic crossing numerous times.
    Are the couple you crewed with still delivering boats?
    I would really like to sign on to a trip like that to learn more about the sea.
    I’ve been on one voyage from Maine to the south on the Atlantic .
    Turned out to be a bad one .
    The owner and his crew became sea sick .
    I have to sail the boat back to port in Boston after five days of them yakking over the side with no relief in sight.
    Thanks for your response

    • Hi Les, thanks for the comment. Interesting to hear about your experiences! I’m pretty sure that Captain Steve Dewhurst is still skippering on deliveries…you’d have to contact Reliance Yacht Management in London to find out.

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