Japan Far North: Days 12 & 13 (Mashita to Hamanasu to Sapporo)


Our last two days on the road on this 2013 summer vacation cycling trip were a bit of a blur. The highway connecting Sapporo to Rumoi along the coast is a whirlwind of tunnels interspersed with little nuggets of coast. Roadside stalls lured us in with their delicious wares such …

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Japan Far North: Day 8 (Sarufutsu Town to Horonobe)


Mercifully, it was not raining when we woke in the morning. It was still windy though, coming from the south…the direction we wanted to travel. We generally started off in a sour-ish mood this morning; there was the headwind, the store close to the campground had a woefully scant selection …

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Japan Far North: Day 4 (Seihoshi-Misaki to Kutsugata Point Park, Rishiri Island)


We woke to heavy rain today, but with a keen desire to continue exploring Rishiri Island. Once again the tarp helped give us some well-needed extra outdoor living space; the MSR Hubba Hubba tent is great for sleeping two people, but try any daily chores, and it becomes cramped. Today …

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Japan Far North: Day 3 (Wakkanai to Seihoshi-Misaki, Rishiri Island)

View of Mt. Rishiri, Hokkaido, Japan

We got to the Wakkanai ferry terminal at around 8:30am, and paid our 3,800yen each for a ferry ticket to Rishiri Island. We were lined up with a straggle of other drivers, many heading over to the island just for the day; the island is only about 60km in circumference. …

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