A Winning Story – Micro Adventure

My last post was about a wee micro adventure story that some of us here at school (Hokkaido University Graduate School of Media, Communication and Tourism Studies*) made a few weeks ago. The post was all in a bit of a rush. What I didn’t mention in that post is that the film was for a micro-adventure ‘competition’ run by UK clothing brand Howies* and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Nominee Alastair Humphreys*.

A Micro-Adventure Story | マイクロアドベンチャー物語 from Rob Thomson on Vimeo.

The concept of doing a random adventurous mission outside of the every-day grind is nothing new, at the very least for New Zealanders. Friday night or weekend ‘random missions’ are the norm; driving to the foot of a mountain and climbing it*, hiking up a hill and camping on top before coming home for the start of the next working day*, or even floating down an inner-city river on a makeshift raft.

It’s only now that someone – Alastair Humphreys – has put a name to it, and promoted these ‘micro-adventures’ as a way to rejuvenate and re-inspire oneself. The concept is catching on; Alastair’s efforts in spending a year micro-adventuring* is what got him that nomination as Adventurer of the Year this year.

That aside, the great news is that our film got an honorable mention in the competition*. That scored us not only great pride, but a great Howies organic cotton t-shirt each, and a copy of Alastair’s awesome wee book 10 Lessons from the Road*. So a great big thank you to Howies and Alastair Humphreys!

Howies T-shirts as runner up micro-adventure prize (Sapporo, Japan)

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