Amazing People: Rob and Liesl

When I search through my memory of fantastic people that I met on my journey, there are some that just shine. Here I carry on my ode to those people I met along the way or who gave me a place to stay for the night (or nights), often total strangers, who subsequently left an indelible memory; a memory which from time to time drifts into my consciousness, taking me back to a lovely nostalgic place…today, those people are:

Rob and Liesl

Rob and Liesl live in Boerne, Texas. In a beautiful home just out of town. They both work from home, and have two fantastic kids. I met them by chance; I was lining up at a supermarket checkout in downtown Boerne, when a woman behind me started talking to me. Asked me what my story was, carrying a pack on my back and a skateboard in my shopping trolley. So I told her my story. The next thing I knew I was being bundled into her people-mover van with her two sons, her obviously intent on me not spending the night in my tent. I still remember Rob’s reaction when he got home and Liesl introduced me to him. “I thought that perhaps I had been replaced by a younger man,” Rob recalled later. He was all rather confused until he got the whole story.

With the Inglish family in Boerne, Texas, USA

Rob and Liesl were amazing hosts. In total I think I stayed at their home for 5 days. They had a sleep-out above their garage, so I had my own room detached from the house. Rob even drove me down to the Mexican border and came with me across to Mexico for a day (I had to renew my tourist visa stamp for the US).

Market street in Piedras Negras, Mexico

I haven’t had contact with Rob and Liesl for a long time. I wonder how they are, how their triathalons are going, whether their kids have skinned their knees lately on their mountain board or BMXs or have taken up triathalons too…

I am still so full of gratitude for the five very restful days I spent at Rob and Liesl’s place; you guys have a special place in my heart.

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