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5 thoughts on “Anyone Want to Buy a Bike?

  • Luka

    That's a pity -> we won't be seeing any cycling news updates in a while from you, then 😉 You won't do any cycling up in Japan?

  • John


    you should keep that bike and skateboard. as far as youve gone on them there must be some kinda sentament in them, srry for the spelling

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    @ Rich – Just to know that it is living on would be enough for me…I've never been much of one to hold onto things too tightly anyway…and realistically, I can't see myself using it much for the next few years at least. Thanks for the sentiment though. It is an awesome bike that served me well. I hope it serves the next owner as much as it served me!

  • Neil

    Glum. Old red should be in some hall of fame or something, like the britten bike, or Sir Ed's headscarf.

    Is there not some NZ Museum of cycling?

    Have you asked Te Papa if they are interested?

    It's a kiwiana classic, an OE artifact, a tangible piece of NZ culture in the 21st century – ok, well maybe there is a bit of German engineering involved, but still. It's an icon – not just a bike!