On the 5th of February 2010, I was thrilled to be able to make a lifelong committment to my long-time friend Haidee Rich. In what was to be the biggest ritual – entirely centred around us – of my life, we got married and had a huge reception on a beautiful sunny Wellington summer’s day.

Two really really good friends married (Porirua, New Zealand) Two really really good friends married (Porirua, New Zealand)

Two really really good friends married (Porirua, New Zealand)

The whole experience was quite unlike anything I had ever experienced. Months of planning – planning for a huge party centered around ourselves – came to beautiful fruition as the day unfolded and unwravelled into such an awesome occassion. We were surrounded by friends and family, all looking absolutely stoked that us two 29-year olds had finally ‘tied the knot’.

What a day - Porirua, New Zealand

I was kind of expecting some sort of euphoric state of…well…something as we walked out of the church, but all I felt was a deep sense of ‘this feels entirely natural and obvious that I should now be married to Haidee’. Quite nice indeed.

A quick low-down on the stunning Haidee: Raised in the Wellington area of New Zealand, she somehow developed a desire to head over seas. This she did in grand fashion after graduating from university with a tourism and international business degree; she headed over to Kyrgyzstan on her own for 6 months, lecturing tourism development at a school there. From there she moved to Japan and proceeded to spend the next 4 years in various jobs there. While in Japan, we met up a few times, each time leaving to follow our own paths, until eventually, after both spending close to 5 years over seas, we both arrived back to New Zealand at the end of 2008. We met up again soon after in New Zealand, and now, just over a year later, we are married. Lovely.

What a day - Porirua, New Zealand What a day - Porirua, New Zealand

What a day - Porirua, New Zealand

 It was an honour to have my younger brother, Chris, as one of my groomsmen. He has always been somewhat of an inspiration to me…I just wish I could grow as impressive a moustache as him!

What a day - Porirua, New Zealand

What a day - Porirua, New Zealand What a day - Porirua, New Zealand


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4 thoughts on “Committment

  • christine

    i had wondered when this would be happening. very fine and awesome. so thrilled for you both. your portraits are gorgeous. kudos to your photographer. very happy for your future in japan as you study… best wishes (and hopes for your writing of updates about your life events because you are truly an interesting guy!)

    cheers mate!


  • Sina and Dennis

    Hi Rob

    Congratualtions on your wedding. The pictures are beautiful and it looks like a very special and wonderful day. All the best for you both 🙂

    Sina and Dennis (Mainz, Germany, Couchsurfing)

  • Jungmin

    Hey, Robert! Do you remember me?

    This is Jungmin (KIM) who was your co-worker at APU and Ju Hyunju's senior, Wo san's assistant.

    It's been quite a while since I saw you on your blog.

    First, congratulation for your wedding.

    After your quitting, I and Wu san, Ju Hyunju quitted from APU. I heard about that Kawano san just was bank to Ritsumeikan from Ju.

    Now, I'm in the United States for my husband's studying. I've lived in Delaware State for 3 years now.

    I visit your blog for introducing my friend, is from New Zealand and live in here, in a long time. She always misses New Zealand so much that's why I introduce your blog to her.

    I hope everything is doing well with you.

    Take care.