Day 110 – From Tajikistan/Uzbekistan border to Taylak Village (English Summary)

English Summary: Had another run in with border guards today (the last time was when leaving Kyrgyzstan). The Tajikistan customs official wanted US$10 for registry entry. I told him that I had not been charged for such a thing in the last five border crossings so why now? Upon hearing this he changed his story, and pointed to official charges for exporting vehicles. He stabbed a fat finger at the motorcycle entry. I almost laughed at him. I gently explained that it was a bicycle, and that he should have realised that as he watched me arrive. So once again no money for the border guard. By the way, my visa for Uzbekistan starts tomorrow (10th of Nov). The Uzbekistan immigration officials were too caught up in the novelty of my bicycle to notice however, so I am now in Uzbekistan a day earlier than my visa officially allows. Staying at Nazar’s place. Random guy I met along the road.












Motorcycle – Duty US$10

「おまえ、俺がやってきたのをみただろう!あれはどう見ても自転車ではないですか。お金はハ・ラ・イ・マ・セ・ン。No denge!」

(Denge = お金)




Methane heating/lighting in Taylaq Village, Uzbekistan / メタンガス焜炉権灯(ウズベキスタン、タイラック村)

Crazy toothless drunk Uzbek (Taylaq Village, Uzbekistan) / クレージーな、歯のない、酔払っているウズベク人(ウズベキスタン、タイラック村)

Neighbours, friends, family - all at Nazar's place to see the foreigner (Taylaq Village, Uzbekistan) / 近所の方、友達、家族、みんな外国人を会いに、ナザールさんの家に集った(ウズベキスタン、タイラック村)

Nazar's kids (Taylaq Village, Uzubekistan) / ナザールさんの子ども(ウズベキスタン、タイラック村)

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