Day 241 – CROATIA: Makarska

Rain, rain go away…

Still here.

And because a blog post is never any fun without pictures:

My first ever proper photo taken with a digital camera:

Mmmmmmffff (at a festival in Karatsu, southern Japan) / がんばれ!

Taken on 2 Nov,2003 – Boy in festival in Karatsu, Japan

Currently most popular photo on my Flickr photosharing album:
(357 views, 29 favs, 14 comments)

More icy beard maddness in eastern Turkey

Taken on Jan 10 2007 – More icy beard madness in eastern Turkey (-20 degrees daytime temperature near Oltu Town)

Forgotten photo I 

A forgotten photo - met Barbora & Petr from the Czech Republic in the Wakhan Valley, Tajikistan

Kindly taken on October 13, 2006 by Barbora – A chance meeting with Barbora and Petr from the Czech Republic in the Wakhan Valley near Yamchun, Tajikistan

Forgotten Photo II

Forgotten photo - I was clueless (taken by Katy in Pusan Ferry terminal, Korea)

Kindly taken on July 23, 2006 by Katy – Rob is all enthusiastic with no idea after arriving in the Pusan Ferry Terminal, Korea

Forgotten Photo III

Forgotten photo - first pedal strokes out of Pusan ferry terminal (taken by Katy in Pusan, Korea)

Kindly taken on July 23, 2006 by Katy – First 200m of cycling on the 14degrees journey (cycling away from the Pusan International Ferry Terminal in Pusan, Korea)

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8 thoughts on “Day 241 – CROATIA: Makarska

  • Nenad Židić

    Dear Rob,

    Many luck for your advature,and don t hary,

    anjoy with people and nature in Makarska Riviera,and after few days, when first bad weather this winter(in bigining spring) gone,drive toward your destiny.

    Best wishes,

    Neno Židić,and bicycled family (Vilma,Daria,Tanja)

  • Mum

    What a difference in your bike now and when you just started. I'm not surprised that the Antarctic Explorer look is the favourite photo!

    A pity it's still raining – it's sunny here. Nice to havemore frequent blogs now that you are in Europe.

  • Peter

    Well, I would be glad to have rain, instead we will have snow again during the wekend. This weather here is crazy 🙂

    Hopefully it will clear after that and we will have a normal, warm spring days during our ride through Slovenia.

    Enjoy in the warmth of the Makarska Riviera.



  • john

    I've been tuning in from time to time, it's been an inspiring trip! I just wanted to post to say that I hope you're still taking videos, even if you haven't had time to upload them. The mini vids you put together prior to your trip are amazing, I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  • carl w.

    it was snowing this morning in darkest surrey with people sliding all over the shop. (all over the place for none english speakers)

    I was looking there are som many good pictures in flickr it's hard pick one that's better than the rest.

    best regards


  • Rob Thomson Post author

    John, thanks for the encouragement re the videos. I had taken some awesome clips in the wilderness of western China and Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, but they are locked away in the portable hard disk I used to back them up with. I can't get access to them…will try to figure that one out after the trip.

    I haven't been taking many vids lately…but I will do so. The effort sure is worth it.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Carl, it snows in London?! I thought it just teased with freezing rain and dark coulds for 367 days of the year.