Day 246 – CROATIA: Vodice to Zadar

Look Mum! I’m on TV again!

National Croatian TV came to Vodice this morning to do a spot on the crazy New Zealander cycling across the continent.
I left Vodice after lunch, headed for Zadar. It was dark and wet again, with dead animals roasting on the roadside, looking none too comfortable at all.

Janjetina - lamb on a spit in Drage, Croatia

This little number is called Jajetina – roast lamb on a spit. All very gory. A Croatian I met said it wasn’t all that tasty.

Today the distance was correctly estimated, with about 80km to Zadar. Once there, I called upon Nenad’s great networking prowess, and had a number in minutes for the president of a local road bike racing club. Ante Zorovic arrived a few minutes after I called him in the club van. My bike was piled in, and we were off to his place.

He had recently purchased a new racing bike for his son. An Italian bike – a Wilier. Very nice. The frame is all carbon fibre, and the frame alone only weighs 1.2 kg.

Oh so nice bike in Zadar, Croatia

I would love to have a go on some of the ultra-light recumbents out there. I do miss the thrill of a really fast bike.

Ante’s wife fed me till I couldn’t eat any more (really good jaffa cake!), and I had a restful sleep.

Cogs in Sveti Donat Club president's workshop in Zadar, Croatia

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4 thoughts on “Day 246 – CROATIA: Vodice to Zadar

  • Daniel

    Wanna ride fast and lightweight recumbents? Come to the Special Bikes Show here on 28/29. April. I hope you can make it. It's not far from Switzerland! The HPV club will have it's annual meeting there and they are really an interesting crowd to stay with!

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Andrew, there are a lot of Croatians in Auckland, from what I hear. Looks like the northern influence has leaked.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Daniel, I would love to go to the Special Bikes Show, but if all goes well, I will be starting in Switzerland at summer camps on the 29th of April. Gutted. I may just have to visit some of the manufacturers individually.