Day 252 – SLOVENIA: Matavun to Pliskovica

The karst region of Slovenia on a misty morning has a mysterious mood to it.

Misty morning near Škocjanske Caves, Slovenia

It speaks of trolls and midgets with axes. Cold and calm and quiet. Little hamlets nestled in gorges, waiting for the heat of spring to come.

Village near Škocjanske caves, Slovenia

The unwary could stumble and fall to his death in the many sinkholes, only then for his body to be washed down into some unknown cave deep beneath the surface of the earth.

Massive sink hole, Škocjanske Caves, Slovenia

Perhaps that’s why they built bridges in the Škocjanske caves.

High bridge in Škocjanske caves, Slovenia

The Škocjanske caves, while they lack the sheer number of stalactites and stalagmites of the Postojna caves, are just magnificent. Massive deep gorges run the length of the caves, with high ceilings and deep floors.

Škocjanske caves, Slovenia

Tourists are a plenty here too, but the caves have a down to earth quality that makes them a class act.

Man smoking outside Škocjanske caves, Slovenia

From Matavun, we headed towards Pliskovica, where we had arranged to sleep the night in a new youth hostel. Peter again had searched out a fantastic route on quiet country roads, with plenty of excitement.

Naughty near Lipica, Slovenia

Sign translation: Crossing railway forbidden

We had hoped to see some horses running free at the Lipica horse stables, but they were all hidden behind fences bearing signs stating the required funds to be paid to enter.

We settled for a friendly and curious pony on a nearby farm.

A horse near Lipica, Slovenia

Just before we arrived at the youth hostel, we visited Staniel, a well preserved village atop a hill. Being Sunday, the village was alive with activity, the main event being a stone carving demonstration.

Rock carving and engraving in Štanjel, Slovenia

Staniel oozed age. Stone spouting, beautiful gardens…

Traditional karst house (with stone spouting) in Štanjel, Slovenia

Pond in gardens next to Štanjel, Slovenia

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2 thoughts on “Day 252 – SLOVENIA: Matavun to Pliskovica

  • Satoshi


    it seems that you are now going very slowly through Slovenia and actually doing some touristy activities!!

    My recumbent conversion of a folding bike will be almost as costly as buying a decent used bent bike. Well, it's been fun and keeps my sanity in the place the locals call it da wild west of Stralia. I paint, I go out with mates (mostly expats) and decided to join the army reserves as an officer cadet to find myself more fun stuff to do in my life. It's hard to find things to do when you are bored here (and most shops are closed) but when you are busy working in the office there seem to be many happy people doing some fun stuff outside….

    I am in a process of booking my visit to Eastern Europe via Thailand (I will visit your aunty Lyn and uncle Pete) and reaised that my passport is expiring in June. I can't book the ticket with this passport as the funny Japanese system will issue me with a new passport number when I renew it! As soon as I manage to sort this out I will need get a new Australian permanent visa sticker on my passport and then let the defence force know my new passport with new visa number bla bla bla. I hope my Swiss mate I met in my last trip can join me. It will be late August – early September.

    Take care


  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Satoshi, things are progressing nicely with the job in Switzerland. I might even be there when you are there in August/September. Are you bringing a bike? 🙂