Day 255 – ITALY: Udine to Cervignano

I got an email from a Couchsurfing member today, and ended up in Cervignano in a house full of avid soccer fans.

Italian soccer hooligans in Cernignano, Italy

My host for the night was Filippo, and what’s more, I was his first ever guest. Big thanks to Filippo and the Cervignano Amateur Football Club for taking me in and feeding me and giving me a place to sleep.

Thanks to my host Filippo in Cernignano, Italy

Filippo doesn’t always look this crazy. This is the funny photo version of our photo together.

I leave you with some photos and a vid from Palmanova, the craziest city ever. It is perfectly symetrical, in a round shape.

Palmanova central square through the eye of a fish in Palmanova, Italy

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