Day 388 – FRANCE: From Nantes to La Rochelle

I spent more than six hours in the Decathalon store today. Way to make you go crazy.

First I spent an hour or so tracking down the cheapest possible footwear I could find. The result was a 5 Euro pair of shoes on special, discounted from 35 Euros. They should do for on the yacht – if I ever get on one. My boots were reluctantly laid to rest due to the fact that they were hardly suitable for wearing to work.

Sadly put out of service in Nantes, France

They would have lasted much longer, and it was sad to see them go. But such is life. I just hope that I do end up managing to get a position on a yacht. All this new stuff I am buying is on the assumption that I will.

So I wandered out of the store with some sunglasses, new shoes, and some new socks, and not only is it pouring with rain, but I am also without a jacket. Back in I go and scour the store for the best deal on a waterproof jacket. I found the right one quickly enough, but delayed my departure from the store until 4pm. It was still raining cats and dogs at this stage, but I had no other choice. I really wanted to be in La Rochelle to start the search for a yacht job.

Just as I was going to leave the store, I overheard some people speaking English. I thought they were Kiwis, but they ended up being a family from the UK visiting France. Upon hearing that I was going to try to hitch a ride out of the city, they insisted that they take me to a good spot just out of the city on the motorway. Thank you guys! I got a ride from where they dropped me off in about 10 minutes.

The next ride was with Julie, Bart, and Patern. Julie and Patern are students, and Bart is working. They were heading to La Rochelle to visit friends, because from today, all of France is on holiday.

I explained that I had contacted a Couchsurfing host in La Rochelle and arranged to stay at his place from the 15th, so they offered for me to stay at their friend’s place for the night. I of course agreed.

The rest is history, and I was shown amazing hospitality and good times out on the town in La Rochelle. Very tasty wine infused with fruit flavours such as apple and grapefruit and strawberry. I have decided that France is awesome.

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