Day 403 – THE ATLANTIC: Day Nine

Distance sailed today: 107 NM
Total distance sailed: 537 NM
Midnight GPS position: N 24.32 W025.57
Wind: NE Wind Force 3-4
Sea state: Slight
Generator hours: 2.1hr
We sailed past a longitude/latitude convergence point today. 25/25 it was. Very exciting.


Here in the offshore ocean, the law is that you can chuck anything you want overboard, so long as it isn’t made of plastic. That means that we throw overboard food waste, cans, glass, cardboard, and mutinous crew etc only. The plastic stays onboard, neatly stuffed into empty 8 litre water bottles, to be disposed of when we get to the British Virgin Islands. The tight seal on the cap of the bottle prevents any unwanted smells to escape during the three weeks passage across.


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