Day 407 – THE ATLANTIC: Day Twelve

Distance sailed today: 115 NM
Total distance sailed: 1024 NM
Midnight GPS position: N 21.41 W034.09
Wind: ENE Wind Force 3-5
Sea state: Medium
Generator hours: 2.5hr
Generally overcast today with some light showers. Steve and Ellie enjoy their Sundays at sea. Weather permitting, there is always a Sunday roast, and today was no exception. Pork roast with potatoes, yorkshire pudding, peas, and gravy. Very nice.

Sunday is also washing day. Washing the bodies and clothes. This boat carries up to 300 litres of fresh water, so showers are a luxury on such a long trip. Salt water showers you can get away with, but a good fresh water shower is a once a week deal.


There is a bit of a story behind this boat. It is brand new, and we are delivering it to the owners in the British Virigin Islands. The boat left France about three months ago, and had been sitting in Tenerife in the Canary Islands for over a month before we arrived to take it across the Atlantic.

The original crew who took it from France to Tenerife were supposed to have taken it across the Atlantic, however due to crew members running out of time (apparantly they didn’t count on it taking so long), the boat had to be left in Tenerife. In reality it takes a boat up to 8 weeks or more to be delivered from France across the Atlantic, when time waiting for favourable winds and re-stocking is taken into account.

Therefore, there are many things on the boat that have been left here by the previous crew. Some great books on sailing passages around the world, hundreds of litres of mineral water, and some food. in addition to all this, they left a medical kit with all sorts of medication in it.


Unfortunately the skipper of the previous crew was French, and all the medication labels are in French. This did however make for an afternoon of fun sorting through the medical kit, trying to guess what was what. We considered drawing straws to see who would be the guinea pig to test our assumptions, but decided against it in the end…

———————————————————————-WEATHER FAXES FOR TODAY

The quality of these faxes should increase over the coming days as we get closer to the US, but this text forecast lets us know that the tropical cyclone that we had been observing in previous faxes and weather maps has developed into hurricane Felix.


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