Day 409 – THE ATLANTIC: Day Fourteen

Distance sailed today: 126 NM

Total distance sailed: 1257 NM

Midnight GPS position: N 22.14 W038.19

Wind: NNE Wind Force 4-5

Sea state: Slight

Generator hours: 1.8hr

I woke up today confronted with the happiest Skipper in the world. Steve was on cloud nine. I’m sure this had something to do with a number of factors.


One: It was a clear blue sky. Steve and Ellie like their blue skies.

Two: Our position and the weather faxes confirmed that Steve had outsmarted the weather, and we were comfortably north of anything nasty brewing further south.

Three: We are trailing a tropical storm by about 600 miles, which means that there is very little likelyhood of another one catching up behind us before we reach out destination.


The sea was fairly big today however. We were on a starboard tack, taking the wind just behind the beam. This means that the wind was hitting us from the back right hand corner of the boat (looking ahead). This also means that we were taking the 12 foot swell on the side of the boat too. This causes the boat to rock violently side to side, rather than the nice pitching motion of when we are running with the wind and the swell.

My body has well and truely adjusted to the motion of the boat however, and my stomach has not been getting upset for the last week or so.



Didn’t manage to save any of them today, but there is nothing to be concerned about for the next few days. We’re in the clear for today.

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