Day 413 – THE ATLANTIC: Day Eighteen

Distance sailed today:127 NM

Total distance sailed: 1696 NM

Midnight GPS position: N 21.27 W045.56

Wind: NE Wind Force 1-2

Sea state: Calm

Generator hours: 16.4hr

Silky smooth motoring today on the calmest sea we have experienced so far on this trip. The wind is still very light, with clear skies exposing a rather ruthless sun.The wind meter below shows 1.8 knots of wind speed. We need at least 8 knots to make it worth while putting the sails up, and last week we were getting a consistent 18 knots or more. We are now 100% pushed along by the propellers, which are powered by electric engines which get their power from batteries which are charged by a diesel generator.


About twice a week now I am taking salt water showers. Lather up with soap, then rinse it off with the salt water. Afterwards, rinse the salt water off with 1.5 litres of fresh water.


We are almost past the 1,000 miles to go point. By tomorrow we will be into three digits!



All clear for our position. Nothing untoward on the text forecast, and the tropical cyclone that we are trailing by about 600 miles is well out of our way.

8thSep_6 8thSep_7

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