Day 415 – THE ATLANTIC: Day 20

Distance sailed today:148 NM

Total distance sailed: 1992 NM

Midnight GPS position: N 20.47 W051.09

Wind: Variable Wind Force 1-2

Sea state: Calm/Flat

Generator hours: 22.40hr

Positively Carribbean. That’s all I can say for the weather today. 29 degrees celcius in the shade. Not a day greatly condusive to cleaning a boat. But certainly a good day for tryng to get as much breeze as possible. No better place than at the top of a mast.

10thSep_3 10thSep_2

The mast had a fairly large amount of red dust still on it from being moored up in Tenerife for six months.

Now, part two of the four part sailing tutorial; SAILS 101, by Steve Dewhurst.




By the looks of things, we won’t be getting a great amount of wind any time soon.

10thSep_5 10thSep_4

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