Day 419 – THE ATLANTIC: Day Twenty Four

Distance sailed today:134 NM

Total distance sailed: 2520 NM

Midnight GPS position: N 18.54 W060.15

Wind: E Wind Force 3-4

Sea state: Slight

Generator hours: 20.2hr

The boat cleaning has begun in earnest today in anticipation for arrival in Tortola in a few days time. We are delivering a new boat to it’s proud owner, so it needs to be in new boat shape.


We will be making one stop before arriving in Tortola however. We need to refuel, so we will be stopping in St. Martin island for sure. Just a quick pit stop, before heading on to Tortola ahead of Tropical Storm Ingrid who is chasing us down.

Definitely becoming more Carribean in terms of the weather now. Squalls are becoming much more frequent; bursts of strong winds and heavy rain.




The possible tropical cyclone that has been tailing us has been upgraded to a named storm; Tropical Storm Ingrid. It is about 300 miles away from us, so we are making a beeline for St. Martin and then straight on to Tortola from there.


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One thought on “Day 419 – THE ATLANTIC: Day Twenty Four

  • Mirjam

    I thought that sailing was timeless… Rob, why are you wearing two watches? 🙂

    Yes, Neil is right on his post: NZ really needs you for the next America's cup. But then again, as a Swiss, I wouldn't mind if you extended your trip a little longer…