Day 423 – THE ATLANTIC and THE CARIBBEAN: Day Twenty Eight

Well we have finally made it. We are safely in Tortola, in a marina called Nanny Cay. We thought we would be handing the boat over today, but no such luck. It will be inspected tomorrow, and we will be handing it over then.

(click on the image above for an 8 minute video)

I have been putting a video together over the course of our journey across the Atlantic Ocean, and the end result can be seen by clicking on the image above.

So, the plan for me from here is…it’s kind of compicated.

First, I will fly with Skipper Steve and First Mate Ellie to Bermuda, and then help with the delivery of a mono hull yacht back here to Tortola. It is a job that just came up for Steve and Ellie, and they asked if I would like to come aboard as crew. Reliance Yacht Management are playing for my flights once again, so there is no cost to me to help out. I agreed, as this will give me some more sailing experience and will prolong my time here in the Carribbean.

Basially, I am going to try to spend about two months here in the Caribbean, because it really is far too hot to skateboard in this heat. I can only imagine that it would be worse through states in the US such as Arizona and Texas. So I hope to start skateboarding in earnest towards the middle of November. By then I figure things should have cooled down a bit.

This extra time will also allow me to apply for an extended tourist visa for the US in Barbados. I will island hop on private yachts down to there. I want to enter the US by private yacht, so I need a US visa in advance. The visa waiver program only works if you’re arriving by plane.

So you can expect some more sailing and sea type posts in the near future. The trip from the Bahamas to Tortola will take about 12 days, a distance of about 1,000 Nautical Miles (the trans-Atlantic trip was 3,000 Nautical Miles). There will be many more small islands to pop into on the way this time, so I hope to see some more of this fascinating part of the world.

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8 thoughts on “Day 423 – THE ATLANTIC and THE CARIBBEAN: Day Twenty Eight

  • Jean

    Hi Rob, good to have you back in the land of the living – if you make it to Tortuga, give Captain Jack Sparrow a slap for me… By the way, if you ever turn this into a book, I'll proofread it for you if you want.

    See you,


  • AbrasiveScotsman

    Congrats, I was missing my regular fix of your adventures. You (and the good folks of Bentrider Online) have inspired me to go recumbent, I have ordered myself a Nazca Fuego. I really love all things to do with Human Powered transport – so you can imagine how much I like this site. Now, if I could only figure out a way to set up Scotland's first Velomobile dealer 😉

  • Mum

    So you've become a 'yachtie'! Great way to see the 'Pirate' part of the world without having to fork out millions for a yacht of your own. Have cottoned onto the lingo yet? English is an interesting language. I'm sure there are more people in the world who speak English with an unEnglish accent then those who speak 'true' English. I am referring, of course, to the Queens English which is becoming almost as unintellible to most people round the world than other English accents. I will leave you with a Pirate farewell -Heave-Ho me hearty!