Day 424 – THE CARIBBEAN (BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS): Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola

Approaching Tortola, The British Virgin Islands

Well, we are all done. The boat has been inspected by the Catamaran Company (, the company to whom we were delivering, and we given a glowing report for the clean state of the boat.

Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, British Virign Islands

The rest of today was spent lounging on the beach. Just what I needed to get my body clock back into sync after the rather sporadic sleep patterns that come with sailing.

A nice flower in Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

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7 thoughts on “Day 424 – THE CARIBBEAN (BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS): Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola

  • eric

    you just keep amazing me with the next steps in your adventure. have fun down there in the islands…theres no reason to hurry to the states yet. enjoy the laid back lifestyle there cause it only gonna get more hectic once you hit the states.

    i was on the river you were following in germany while ive been travelling here and had to ponder for a moment. Wondering if i was standing in a spot you had ridden over a few weeks back



  • Carl

    Well your write up and pictures make it all look really nice, I however secretly still hate boots. As I've never managed to get my sea legs completely screwed into place.

    Anyway nice to hear you've made it and it does look fab, I think the light is so much better over there.

    regards from a cold and wet set of rocks in the north sea.

  • Neil

    Ahh Rob, so good to get an update on the epic journey. It went far too quiet there for awhile. Amazing Video! A+! LOL.

    So, have you signed up for the Americas Cup Challenge yet? We need you!

    In the silence on, I dragged myself out on some micro-adventures, as we DO come from the Adventure capital of the world eh. One big hike up Mount Arthur in Kahurangi National park – more for a recce than anything else. Heading back there with our ice axes and ropes for some more fun next week.. and last week, a 30km paddle round rabbit island in tasman bay – which was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon out, but turned into a bit of an expedition as we took the last gasps of the ebbing tide to reach the open sea, taking us almost 3 kms offshore before reaching open water. I tell you, the tides here are incredible.

    Enjoy BVI, and hope the "processing" into the US is seamless. Keep on trucking Dude.

  • Rick Smith

    Hey man! Congratulations on your arrival. You continue to amaze me. The day you arrive in Florida, I will be there to greet you with a Kiwi. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Rick

  • Mike C

    Rob you legend! Loving your posts. It was a bit quiet there for a while. I like reading about all the new experiences on your journey. Wish I could be there too! God bless, Mike C

  • Aunty Jenny

    Enjoyed your movie Rob. You lucky thing being in the Carribean! I would love to see that part of the world. New Zealand may seem a bit tame by the time you get home. On a completely different subject, I stayed with Rach and Sam for a week recently, and went with Rach when she had her second scan. It was amazing. The baby was moving it's legs around and rolling over etc even though it is only 6cm. I felt very privileged to have seen it. It's all babies and marriages over here at the moment. Nigel's daughter Penny is getting married in March and Rachel's baby is due in March, and Mark and Elines' baby is due in January. It's all go! I think it's great that you aren't rushing to get away from the Islands. You don't want to miss out on that experience. Great photos by the way!

  • Dad


    The video is great!It has been a quiet time without the regular updates so it was good to catch up with what has been happening.

    I am home on R&R at the moment and helping Mark do some more on his house. It is going well and you will see some changes when you finaly get back to NZ.

    Take care