Day 425 – THE CARIBBEAN (kind of): Tortola to Miami

I find myself once again thrown into a mad rush of dizzying proportions. I am now in the USA. In Miami. But tomorrow I won’t be. I will be in the Bahamas on Abacos Island. Confused yet? So am I.

Sea bird gliding in ferry's wake between British Virgin Islands and US Virgin Islands

Basically, Reliance Yacht Management ( have been really great and have paid all my flights and a night at a hotel here in Miami, as part of my travel expenses to get to Abacos Island in the Bahamas to help out as crew on another yacht delivery, this time from the Bahamas back to the British Virgin Islands (BVIs). That’s right, I just came from the BVIs today.

But hey, I will get to see some great islands along the way, spend some more time with Steve and Ellie – the greatest delivery team in the world – and get some more sailing experience. This time on a mono hull.

I leave you with evidence of my protest at overpriced airport food at the US Virgin Islands airport; I forgot about the overpriced burgers and other food, and just got a big pot of mashed potato. This is smothered in free ketchup and sweet pickles. Not too bad at US$3.50.

Mashed potato at US Virgin Islands airport

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4 thoughts on “Day 425 – THE CARIBBEAN (kind of): Tortola to Miami

  • Cousin Tim

    I heard a joke toady – Chuck Norris once visited the British Virgin Islands. They are now known as "The British Islands". Well it made me laugh

  • Chris J

    Hi Rob,

    I just got caught up on your last 30 days or so of sailing and advnetures. Lots of great stuff there. The Caribbean looks amazing. Certainly worlds better than hot and humid Nagoya. Enjoy the island hopping and sailing school. You are certainly right to wait until October or November before venturing to the Southern US. Hopefully that will put you outside of the hurricane season as well.

    Looking forward to more gorgeous pictures!