Day 439 and 440 – THE CARIBBEAN (PUERTO RICO): Cruising

Total distance sailed: 1060 NM
Midnight GPS position: N 18.05 W065.30
Wind: Variable Light
Sea state: Flat

Click the image above for a video of the latest trip;
The Bahmas to The British Virgin Islands by sailboat.

At long last, the sea has flattened off, and we are able to sail without the bone jarring motion of the last week and a half.

Near Puerto Rico

One day melds into the next as we sail past the Dominican Republic and then on to Puerto Rico.

Skipper Steve and First Mate Ellie near Puerto Rico

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9 thoughts on “Day 439 and 440 – THE CARIBBEAN (PUERTO RICO): Cruising

  • Jean

    Well that's just bizarre – I was just looking at the Exumas on Google Earth an hour ago! There's a submerged DC 3 plane by Norman's Cay (if you went past there), the water's so clear you can see it from the sky. Nice video, love the music…


  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Jean, we did indeed go past Norman's Cay. I do believe that it is the cocaine plane…didn't see the plane though.

  • Scott

    Love your photo work, Rob. I'm on an ancient computer, so no vid action here. I'll have to see those later. Your last compilation I saw was the skating one, which I loved. The music and the occasional use of slow motion were excellent.

    Wow, you'll be in the USA soon! Actually, it's probably good that your crossing has taken so long. The southern states can be bloody hot, and now, for the most part, we're moving out of hurricane season, which you must know, so you'll be getting on the board during a prime time. The high ground in the West could prove a challenge. My main concern would be water. You'll be passing through deserts, and the limitations of the board will prove, shall we say, spicy?

    Be well, mate!



  • Aunty Les

    I wonder how people got on sailing around the world when there weren't such things as Visa cards? We've got so used to them that when we lose one life certainly gets rather difficult!

    The videos are great, by the way.

  • Mike C

    Nice video Rob. Glad to hear that your finances are almost back under control. I thought sailing around the caribbean would be pretty stress free. But you've been having all sorts of adventures! 🙂 God bless, Mike C