Day 898 – NEW ZEALAND: Wear a Helmet

I was perusing the forum today and came across a link to‘s upcoming solo skate journey in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile.

In true world wide web surfing fashion, I ended up clicking on a link in Adam’s website about helmets. He condones helmet use in skateboarding. So do I. And here’s a wee website that will make you condone it too. Link found via Adam’s website. Just click on the image to start watching some very compelling videos.


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2 thoughts on “Day 898 – NEW ZEALAND: Wear a Helmet

  • martin

    Hi Rob,

    Happy new year.

    Loved to read your adventures and I admire your will not to give up. You will absolutely find a new balance in your live.

    Shocking vid's, but I agree on the helmet thing. Bought one a few weeks for use on my recumbent. Hope never to be in a situation where it is needed 🙂