Day Nine – Songju City to Cheongju City (English Summary)

Today’s Distance / 今日の走行距離:93.45km
Time on bike / 走行時間:5h 55m
Average speed / 平均速度:15.7km/h
Total distance to date / 現在までの積算距離:427.4km
Money used / 予算使用:44,000KRW (5,300JPY)

English summary:Two things I learned about Korea today – Korea is hot. And Korea is hilly. Crossed three passes today and wrang my shirt out at the top of each. I mean really. Lots of sweat. Gatorade was the hero of the day. Drank four litres of the stuff. Along with about the same amount of water. Height of the highest pass was only 380m, but I felt each metre of it.



Lock me up officer / 逮捕してください


Korean mountains / 韓国の山


Cruisin' / ゆっくりと


Peppers / トウガラシ

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2 thoughts on “Day Nine – Songju City to Cheongju City (English Summary)

  • yunhee

    how's every thing going?

    so far so good??

    i was looking forward to hear you about the journey, and here you are, updating everyday! so thanks to you!

    by the way, i had to tell you that korea is really hilly, especially the route you've chosen.. But enjoying the great nature follows by the great peace in your mind..

    good luck to you and your journey Rob!

    Take care~

  • Lesley Bond

    I notice that the sun isn't shining in most of these photos. Is that because of early morning mist or pollution? In some shots the sky looks a bit like that in the photos I took on my trip to Bangladesh in 1994 – kind of greyish because of pollution.

    Interesting countryside.

    Aunty Les