Engaging Times

It is unsurprising that a journey such as the 14degrees Journey clarified what and who I want in life. Clarification of what is worth striving for, and clarification of who life is worth spending with. On both counts, this one year since the end of my skateboarding journey has been rather fruitful and worthwhile.

I am very pleased to announce (with a smile on my dial), that I am now engaged to the woman who is still, even after a full 7 years since we first met, the most engaging and beautiful woman I have ever met.

A challenger.

A clarifier.

A comforter.

Haidee is her name. More and more becoming the love of my life every day.


The wedding is set for the 5th of February 2010.


23 thoughts on “Engaging Times

  • Justin

    Congratulations! We wish you both safe and interesting further travels!

    Fair winds,

    Justin & Tatiana

    s/v Tatiana

    Nanny Cay, BVI

  • martin

    Rob, you're heading for a great new adventure with Haidee.

    Haidee, yuo're going to share you life with a word record keeper, be proud.

    Congratulations to the both of you.u :-)l

  • ChrisJ

    Wow, congratulations again Rob!

    If you wait an extra two days you could get married on my birthday, but I don't know why you would want to do that 😉

    All the best!

  • John & Karen Poo

    You have looked around a bit first before taking the leap!

    Since Fort Davis, TX I've been telling Karen "What you need to find purpose is a GOOD WOMAN!"

  • Jamey Jones

    Congratulations, Rob! I'm very, very happy for you! For being engaged, and receiving the official World Record!! Yes!

    Haven't been on your blog in while, so it's nice to see it now. It quickly reminds me of the time you breezed through Pensacola, touching the lives of not only me, my family and friends, but roughly 150 middle school students as well—that might have been the first time some of them had ever been told that most people in the world are kind, and that the world is really a wonderful place.

    Thanks again for that, and for the inspiration, my friend. And, once again, Congratulations. Blessings to you and Haidee.

    As ever,


  • DREESEN peter

    Hi Rob,

    do you remember the Belgian cyclist who told you about beer and monks during a fast day in China, together with 100 other cyclists, coming from Paris and going to Beijing? I'm very glad to read you found out what life's really about – I was worried for you for some time, especially during the days after you got home. So then, all my congratulations! And pass all my congratulations to Haidee. And you know what? I'll get married on 24th December next – with the girl that cycled with me from Xi'An to Beijing – even when we're both 60 years old now (smile). Then, in August next, I'll cycle from Quito to Ushuaia, over all the Andes… Not tired yet! I wish you both loads of good luck and a very very long and happy life together! Peter

  • Nicola Wienandt

    Don’t you think folks since the beginning of time have looked for ominous signs outlined in some holy book or another and decided it was happening “soon”?. . I’m always amazed that so many folks here think we’re living in the end times based on something they THINK they identify with in the Bible..

  • Rob Thomson Post author

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    I’m terribly sorry about this wee kink in proceedings. I’m adding stories of new adventures a few times a month, so do sign up and keep in the loop.


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