Days 296 to 306 – SWITZERLAND: Village Camps spring outdoor education camp – Weeks III and IV

Camp life can be hectic. Let me describe a typical day.

0700 – Wake and shower, walk to chalet
0730 – Arrive chalet and help setting up breakfast
0800 – Breakfast with 60 or more very vocal children
0900 – Daily program begins, spend all day with children straight out of an Energizer battery commercial
1800 – Dinner with wired children
2130 – Children go to bed, staff debreifing of the day
2230 – Go to bed

Repeat the above cycle for five days until completely shattered. Great fun, but quite tiring. That was my week this week.

I had the week before off though.

During my week off I played almost obsessively with beer cans. The rest of my ongoing journey’s meals will be cooked on this:

Beer can stoves going strong (handmade in Anzere, Switzerland)

This is a beer can stove, adapted from Scott’s Pepsi can stove idea. It weighs 13 grams. It boils one litre of water in 10 minutes from lighting to boil. It is good.

Beer can stoves going strong (handmade in Anzere, Switzerland)

The stoves run on alcohol. The one on the right in the above photo is made from a Red Bull can.

The stoves are a blast to make. A great way to spend a week off.

Beer can stoves under construction in Anzere, Switzerland

I did manage to get outside during my week off also. Once again the recumbent was put through its paces on the trails around Anzere. The mountains here stare you in the face, the valley floor extending more than a kilometer vertically downwards.

Magic moments above Anzere, Switzerland

The day out cycling was only slightly affected by a broken chain. After more than 15,000km, my chain is on the way out.

Broken chain on the Bisse de Sion, Anzere, Switzerland