Day 905 – NEW ZEALAND: Motivational Speaking

A big thanks to Heather for bringing this guy to my attention – Nick Vujicic.

Born with no arms and no legs, among other things he does motivational speaking. Click on the image below to see him in action.

Nick Vujicic Motivational Speaker

His story of course is inspirational. It would be hard to dispute his authority and credentials for speaking and motivating on the topics he talks about in the preview above.

What I immediately noticed however, was how very well he presents his talk. There are many very good motivational speakers out there, with many many amazing stories. Vujicic however in the talk above had some great things that I’d like to incorporate into any future talks I do about my trip:

  • Vujicic gets his listeners to write keywords down. Right at the beginning of his talk he has them write own the three key things he will talk about and illustrate in his talk; Perspective, Vision, and Choices. He then had listeners write down key points during the talk also.
  • Passion. He is a passionate speaker and knows what he wants to get across. I spoke at a Boys Brigade camp yesterday, and while the presentation went well, I felt there was something missing. It didn’t really ram home any key points that the boys would be able to take away from it. It wasn’t clear what I wanted to convey.

And the link that Heather shared was the one below. A very hard-hitting, short and to the point message from Vujicic:

Nick Vujicic Motivational Speaker

By the way, I would just embed these videos in my blog if I could…but I can’t. My messy hack of the WordPress content management software (upon which this entire website balances) doesn’t allow it.

Day 837 – NEW ZEALAND: Takaro School in Palmerston North

I had the privelidge of once again being able to visit a school at very short notice today. Takaro School in Palmerston North was the school, arranged by Moetatua Turoa.

Students at Takaro School in Palmerston North, New Zealand try out the recumbent

Students at Takaro School in Palmerston North, New Zealand try out the recumbent

I know that the students have computer class this afternoon, so I really hope some of them check the blog and see this post. If you are reading this, guys, then check out the links below. And leave lots of comments if you want!
I spoke to about 40 students about my journey around the world by bicycle and skateboard, telling them stories from the road and sharing some things I had learned about myself and life.

I told them about the following episodes in the journey:

  • Cycling in -23 degrees in eastern Turkey (see the photos and story here and here).
  • The border guards in Kyrgyzstan who asked for a bribe (see the story and photos here).
  • The skateboard trailer (see the video here).
  • The hot Gobi Desert in western China (see the photos here).
  • The Tibetan Monks in China riding my skateboard (see photos and story here).
  • The terrible pollution in Eastern China (story and photos here).

Day 835 – NEW ZEALAND: Wanganui High School

“I am impressed that you could arrange me to speak at such short notice,” I commented as I met Marama and KJ Allen at the Maori Studies Department (Te Tari Maori) at Wanganui High School.

“Well, technically it’s not possible,” KJ admitted. “But you’re too good an opportunity to pass up. I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

I was stoked to speak to my first school group in New Zealand. The students lapped it up, and I thorougly enjoyed it. I felt as though my delivery of my presentation is getting smoother, and it felt good.

Wanganui High School Maori Language Class, Wanganui, New Zealand Wanganui High School Maori Language Class, Wanganui, New Zealand

I spent the rest of the day updating the website, which was about a week or more out of date, due to the wee Whanganui National Park episode.

From Wanganui, I am heading to Palmerston North, and then on to Masterton to meet up with an old friend from uni days, before carrying on to Wellington. Slowly making my way south!