Pre-Departure (37 days): For video viewing pleasure

I was never too happy with the fact that viewing videos on my site required viewers to click on a link, and be taken to an outside site (Google Video). Therefore, I have changed things around a bit where the videos now open in a popup window, along with a short description of the video. The videos are hosted at YouTube, which in my opinon has better playback quality.

There is also a new video on the videos page that shows how to remove the hydraulic damper cartridge from the HPVelotechnik Meks Carbon AC suspension forks. Some moisture had found its way into the sanchion tubes of the forks, so I needed to take it to bits to dry it out. A simple enough procedure of removing the bottom 6mm bolt, and then removing the damper cap along with the cartridge.

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10 thoughts on “Pre-Departure (37 days): For video viewing pleasure

  • carl

    Have you left yet? or are you still in japan? I just got back from work and was catching up with all the news on Ed's site and yours.

    just had a look at your video's seems to be getting better. Like the look of the noodles…



  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Ta Carl,

    Yeah, still in Japan. About three weeks to go. Only two more days of work. A local pharmacy has hooked me up with a good selection of pills and other first-aid goodies, and I've had a few appearances in the local media. All good fun. I look forward to clearing out my apartment and loading up the bike though. 'Twill be good to get away.

    Thanks for the compliment on the vids. If I had more in my budget, I'd get me a real video camera. But for now, the little Cybershot P-8 still digital camera will have to do…

  • Lee

    Oh no, Rob!

    Sorry you've got the flu. That's not much fun. Better, I s'pose, to make sure it's all gone before you head out. Do you still have a place to live for those extra days?

    Maybe it's some essential shift in the timing of your journey, and getting the flu was the only way to bring it about… many and complex are the plans of our grand Co-ordinator. Yay for Him. Still not much fun at this end of things, though.

    Will keep keeping an eye on how things unfold.

    Take care :-)

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Hey Lee, I'm staying at my old hostfamily's place until I leave, so I'm taking it really easy. If anythying, this cold has forcibly made me take some time off planning, which is a good thing!

  • Ed

    Came here from Genochio's blog.


    All the very very best of luck to you on your endeavour. It will certainly be a life changing experience.

    One question though, how difficult will it be to find spare parts for such an esoteric velocipede in the back'o'beyond?

    Many regards,

    The Other Other Ed

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Hello The Other Ed,

    Nice of you to drop by. Check out my bike's specs, and you will see that the bike has all the stock standard parts of a normal upright bike. There are very little 'recumbent specific' parts needed. The only part that comes to mind is a chain idler wheel that keeps the long chain in the right place.



  • Noel Peter

    Hi sir, This is Noel Peter B. Tan. remember? I would like to thank first of all. You have done a good job. I still hope to see you soon in APU. I also want to see your bicycle, never seen that kind before. I wish you all the luck and blessings.