A Hokkaido Cycle Touring Resource

I’ve finally gotten around to compiling together all the cycle trips we’ve done over the last few years in Hokkaido. There are quite a few, and they all focus on a different part of this amazing island we live on. I hope this page can be a solid resource for the increasing number of people heading out on multi-day trips by bike in Hokkaido.

Take a look at the Hokkaido Cycle Touring Route resource page by clicking on the image below.

Hokkaido cycle touring routes (Japan)

What really gave me the push to put this resource together was a recent new feature on RideWithGPS – the ability to showcase multiple rides on one map. I had been hoping for a feature like that for a while, and now, here it is.

Just use the tabs at the bottom of the map to browse the routes, or display them all at once using the “Show All” button.

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