Pre-Departure (71 days): MULTIMEDIATED!

Has been a busy weekend:

  1. New slideshow photo gallery. Big ups to Rich for letting everyone know about it on his blog. Even bigger umpa lumpas to Yuan.CC Web Experiments for making it so easy to make a slideshow for your site using uploaded flickr photos.
  2. Video page. Will be adding to this as time permits. There is one vid there now. I made that one today after strapping a tube of aluminium to the rack on my bike, then attaching a camera to that. If you’ve ever wanted to know what riding a recumbent feels like, then maybe this video will give you an idea.

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9 thoughts on “Pre-Departure (71 days): MULTIMEDIATED!

  • Lee

    Wow Rob,

    You legend!!! I'm still grinning from that vid. Awesome work with the speed, the song, the timing of the two of those… that's sooo cool.

    That's awesome. Yay for you. I hope you end up with some significant, weighty supporters for this escapade. Sure seems like you deserve it.

    We had snow here yesterday, apparently. In Merivale. Random. Snow in September, and now in May. Pfff. Weather. Changeable as girls :-)


  • Andrew

    That is so cool. Bring on some more videos!!!

    Hope the training is going well Rob.

    Lee, you sound a bit disenchanted :-p

  • Rob Thomson Post author


    Check the vids section tomorrow morning and you will have your request granted. I'll be uploading a vid of me biking up the big hill to work.

    – Rob

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Hey Lee, how'd you get that fancy smiley face to show up on your comment? That's something I didn't know you could do…

    – Rob

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    I think my speed up the hill is directly proportional to how hungry I am! I work at a university, and the cafeteria has very yummy Japanese style breakfasts for super cheap – 200 yen (approx. US$2) to fill me up!

    Maybe that day I was extra hungry 😉

    – Rob

  • Lee

    Fancy smiley face? Eh? You mean the yellow one? Just a normal colon-dash-bracket thing. Yours is yellow too (the wink after 'hungry'), on my (the university's) computer at least.

    I'd love to claim powers of specialness but I dunno what I did different to anyone else, except maybe putting in the nose…

    (or is this like the infamous 'guys can't make cubes out of plasticine' joke?)

    Andrew (Andyroo of the icecream spoon, I assume?):

    Disenchanted? With snow, or with girls? Certainly not with snow. Snow will be cool when I can enjoy it (and when I make sure I don't wear my shoes with cracks in the soles).

    Hmmm… nine days to go on my thesis. Maybe there are different things I should be doing with my time right now :-)


  • Rob Thomson


    No, that was no 'guys can't make cubes' joke. I just couldn't seem to get smiley faces to come up on my posts. But now I can…

    Anyway, this comment is coming from Shanghai, China. Crazy. Interviewing students for admission to the uni I'm working at. Fun times. The internet is messed up. Can't send email from Gmail. Perhaps has something with 'the great firewall of China'…