Pre-Departure (50 days): New video

On a scale of cheap processed cheese to thick and creamy Swiss fondu, this video is dripping with fondu. I have made a video where I am describing the recumbent that I’ll be riding on this trip. It sounds more like an infomercial than anything else. But the goal of the video isn’t so much to introduce the bike, but to assure potential sponsors that I can actually speak Japanese. Already I have had a nibble on the sponsorship side of things, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out over the next couple of weeks.

Check out ‘The 14degrees Bike‘ video.

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4 thoughts on “Pre-Departure (50 days): New video

  • Kirk

    Very good video. I assume you give DVD's of it to your potential sponsors? It is a shame that Google Video is such poor quality.

    You are going to get the Japanese manufacturers turned on to making recumbents!

    -Take Care,


  • Rich

    Excellent video!!! Really good, I mean it.

    Now, if I just could understand a word in Japanese… OK, I know one, 'arigato', but that's about it;)

    Hope some right person will see & enjoy it and jump on your sponsorship offer.


  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Kirk, I have made up an auto-run PR CDROM. It's just a simple HTML 'website' that has some basic information about the trip. On it I have included the three videos on this site.

    Rich, thanks for the comment. I sent out the first promotional pack today to a friend with contacts in the local NHK broadcasting station (NHK = Japan Broadcasting Corporation). Hopefully I'll get a response!

  • John

    LOVE your site! There was an article in the US recently on touring the states by bike, it's inspired me to no end. Literally can't think of anything else. Found your site through a comment you left on flickr, and am so glad I did! You should get it listed on for real hits!

    I'm really excited about your trip, and can't wait to follow it. If you get a chance, I'd like to hear more about the technical side of things. I see you're really packing light – not taking a laptop which I would've thought to be essential for blogging and stuff. I'm curious about the pocket pc software you'll be using and how you'll upload it? Ditto on editing photos and stuff, or are you only doing that at internet cafes and such?

    I highly recommend you consider getting a data backup device – some sort of HD based backup – I did an extended tour once and lost a ton of photos, won't travel w/o one now… (I use a delkin usb bridge which patches into a portable usb hard drive, but there are many alternatives).

    I also hope you add more videos along the way, and maybe consider trying to get us sponsors as well! You might want to even consider a paypal link for smaller donations from interested fans… ;^)

    Best of luck, and can't wait to hear of your adventures! Post often, and in as much detail as you have energy for!