The Atlantic

In August 2007, I crewed on a yacht delivery (worked for passage) from the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The trans-Atlantic voyage took just over three weeks. Every day of the voyage is accounted for below, in blog format. The blog articles begin from ‘Day 387’, which is 387 days since I left Japan in July 2006. I begin the story from where I arrive in France, looking for a yacht to travel on across the Atlantic.

Video of the Voyage

“Working on a sailboat is 10% sailing and 90% cleaning.” – Steve Dewhurst The boat that we are delivering on this trip has been sitting in the marina in San Miguel in Tenerife for one month. The previous crew that got it from France down this far disintegrated due to […]

Day 391 – CANARY ISLANDS: Sailing is 10% sailing and…

Did lots of flying and ‘normal’ traveling today. Flew from La Rochelle (France) to London (England), then from London to Tenerife (Canary Islands, off the coast of Morocco, North Africa). It was six hours of flying in total, but much more waiting. It took one hour and a half to […]

Day 390 – FRANCE and CANARY ISLANDS: From La Rochelle ...

OK, so I know I said that I wouldn’t be using an airplane to get back to NZ, so I guess that this is cheating just a little, but tomorrow I depart La Rochelle to fly back to London, and then from there fly to Tenerife, Spain – flights reimbursed […]

DAY 389 – FRANCE: Guess who has a crew position…

I spent more than six hours in the Decathalon store today. Way to make you go crazy. First I spent an hour or so tracking down the cheapest possible footwear I could find. The result was a 5 Euro pair of shoes on special, discounted from 35 Euros. They should […]

Day 388 – FRANCE: From Nantes to La Rochelle

Bonjour from France! This hitchhiking business is hard work. Sure, you don’t have to carry a heavy backpack on your back, but when you are super tired and can hardly keep your eyes open, but are stuck in a truck, your only option is to fight the tiredness and try […]

Day 387 – FRANCE: La Havre to Nantes