The soul of long distance skateboard touring

Sometimes it is really difficult to really get at the depth of experience that a person feels when traveling by longboard. It is hard to express the joy, pain, frustration, challenge, problem solving, tiredness, cold, hot, sweat, freedom, constraint…

But the Long Treks on Skate Decks guys have done an awesome job at documenting all of that and more. Paul Kent, Aaron Enevoldsen, and Adam Colton have previously skated in South America (in 2009) and Morocco (in 2010). Their videos of their experiences of skating through Peru and Bolivia are, in my opinion, the best long distance touring videos that have ever been produced. Their latest is right here:

The full list of their episode updates are right here on Youtube.

I am very much looking forward to their updates from their Morocco trip.

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One thought on “The soul of long distance skateboard touring

  • Collin Braschnewitz

    YO, trekking like this… one of my dreams. Let those guys tackle the south, you go east to china and dominate. Ill go to wyoming and film those beautiful mountains and soon together, we shall trek the whole world by board.

    Peace, Collin B