Pre-Departure (42 days): Tianjing, China

Those Chinese make a mean birthday cake. ‘Twas very good indeed. I dunno how my workmates found out that it was my birthday, but at dinner with some local school teachers, they got a cake made just for me…stoked. I will post a couple of pics to the site once they finish uploading.



I have my laptop with me here, so that means that I was able to chuck together a very quick video clip of the eatery that we went to tonight:

Of Ducks, Noodles, and Round Tables (Windows Media (WMV) 1min20sec – 18MB)

Bed time.

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3 thoughts on “Pre-Departure (42 days): Tianjing, China

  • Lee

    Happy Birthday Rob!

    It's my flatmate's birthday today too. Good times.

    Hey, we have big snowflakes falling here in Christchurch today! Has been snowing solidly since about 6:30am I think. Yesterday we had 19 degrees, apparently. MADNESS!!!

    Uni's open but lots of schools are closed.

    I finished my thesis! Printing/numbering troubles right up till the end but it worked out eventually.

    Amazing shots of China – even if no-one hires you as a professional cross-country recumbent bicycler, you might get a few job offers for multimedia communication! You've done such a great job of the whole site, eh.


  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Kirk, the noodle cutting was quite mesmerizing (sp?). These great long noodles seemingly appearing out of nowhere!

    Lee, thank you! Snow in CHCH already?! Craaazy. Hope your flat is warm and toasty! Or maybe I can put some of this hot Beijing air in a jar and send it over to you. Then if you open in it up, it'd be all warm…