Pre-Departure (3 days): Website updates

Some updates to this website today:

  • My profle. Let’s you know a little bit more about me.
  • Detailed gear list. It’s massive. Any comments about things you think I should be taking but haven’t listed, or things I have listed that you think I don’t need would be most appreciated. The list was organised while referencing to the organisation of Martin Adserballe’s comprehensive gear list.


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6 thoughts on “Pre-Departure (3 days): Website updates

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Kirk, priceless advice.

    About the ATM card, are you refering to the visa card? I know here in Japan it is a major mission to find an ATM that will give me cash advances on my visa card. My biggest concern about the visa card is while I’m in central Asia. I’m not sure if I will be able to withdraw cash from ATMs there. That’s why I’ve got myself some travellers checks as a back up. I’ve emailed you the details of how much I’ll be carrying.

    As for the money belt, this is kind of tricky, as I envisage myself sweating profusely for the best part of 6 hours a day for the next 8 months. That’s why I haven’t really thought about the money/document pouch. I guess I should at least carry one and wear it when cycling in built up areas.

    Insurance at present (World Nomads) covers high value items such as my digital camera and PDA etc. I really wanted to get insurance for my bike too, but can’t seem to find anywhere that will cover me as a New Zealand resident, and online.


  • David

    I guess this advice is coming too late, but cash advances in Japan can be made at any Post Office atm, the most ubiquitous kind :)

    I had cash and a passport in a money belt while walking around Rome and getting quite sweaty, all my stuff got damp and slightly damaged from my body juice. I’m sure you can find an ingenious and very hidden place to stash your stuff (line your tires with $100 bills!)

  • Kirk

    Don't forget the dental floss. Bring all you will need, it will be hard to purchase. It can also be used as thread for emergency repairs.

    For your towel, you might want to try one of the microfiber super absorbant type. I got by on my round the world trip with one like that that was about as big as a regular hand towel.

    You might want to add a pair of swim trunks that could be used as shorts and to use when you have to shower in more public places, and for going swimming!

    I would NOT carry travelers checks. Bring your ATM card and carry some emergency USD cash in a hidden belt. They have belts that look like a regular nylon belt but with a zipper on the inside of it. Place the emergency cash there. For the normal money, use your ATM card to pull out enough cash for a week or two. ATMs are in all major cities. Then place the bulk of that in a pouch that will be inside your clothes. I had a pouch that stayed in my groin area. It held the pasport, cards, and bulk cash. Keep any cash you will need for that day in an external front pocket. That way if you are robbed or pick pocketed, they will most likeley just get the cash you need for one day. Don't put anything in rear pockets. These are too easy to pickpocket. I'd also keep a set of the copies of your passport and documents hidden somwhere on your bike or in your bike bags. Leave a copy of all your important documents with someone or multiple someones at home. That way they can send you a copy if you lose everything.

    I might add a second lock for the bike. Perhaps a U-Lock?

    Bring a universal sink stopper (large flat rubber thing) some clothes washing soap and some string or twine to set up a drying rack for washing your clothes in your hotel room. While in Asia it is cheap and easy to get the locals to wash it, but in other places not so much. Don't bring lots of soap. You can purchase more of that everywhere.

    Also make sure that your renter's insurance or something will cover you if you are robbed. Our car was broken into on our trip and we lost lots of stuff, but the insurance covered us and we were able to purchase replacement items on the trip and continue.

    You are in for a wonderful adventure!

    Best Regards,


  • Haidee

    ATMs aren`t so easy to find in Central Asia. In Kg we drew money out from the bank using Credit card and passport ID.

    US Dollars should be nice looking without flaws no older than 1996.