Daily Archives: July 21, 2006

Final preparations are coming together. I have 26kg of equipment. Including bottle cages, fenders, racks etc, the bike weighs 19kg. I am 77kg. My next blurb will be from Korea. Leaving the Fukuoka Hakata Bay International Terminal at 12:30pm tomorrow (Sat. 22nd of July, 2006). I leave you with this: […]

Pre-Departure (1 day): Showtime!

Today’s savings: 292g Total savings to date: 1038g Today the maps were in my sights. I removed all areas of the maps that I do not plan on going to, and in that way saved 292 grams. This brings my total amount saved to date to over 1 kilogram. Considering […]

Pre-Departure (2 days): War on Weight III