Pre-Departure (1 day): Showtime!

Final preparations are coming together.

I have 26kg of equipment.

Including bottle cages, fenders, racks etc, the bike weighs 19kg.

I am 77kg.

My next blurb will be from Korea.

Leaving the Fukuoka Hakata Bay International Terminal at 12:30pm tomorrow (Sat. 22nd of July, 2006).

I leave you with this:

“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence”. Mark Twain

I would like to assure you all that I have no idea about cycle touring. It’s gonna be a steep learning curve!

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8 thoughts on “Pre-Departure (1 day): Showtime!

  • Rachel Callander

    OH WOW ROBBO!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU"RE DOIN IT!!!!

    Oh the CELEBRATION OF LIFE AND COURAGE!!!! OH Rob my prayer for you is that you will constantly feel the presence of the greatest love and peace and light!!! The whole way !! You are NEVER ALONE NEVER ABANDONED!!!! OH wow wow wow, I also pray that your spirit gets a HUGE dose of OOMPF and GUTS and Just the BIGGEST EXPLOSION OF GOODNESS EVER!!!!LIVE LIVE LIVE !!!! GO GO GO ! Know that you have inspired SOSO many people just by having a crazy idea and then seeing it through!!! So AMEN!!!!!

    Picture me drinking a nice wee glass of sparkling wine rasing a toast to crazy ideas and the enriching of spirits….

    You are Fabulous

    Much Love


  • Jo

    Hi Rob,

    I can't believe you are really on your way. I'm sure your trip will be amazing in many ways. Don't forget the Confucious saying "I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand". I'm sure by the time you arrive in London you will be on your way to understanding how the entire world works! Those of us lucky enough to know you and who are following your journey will at least be able to "remember" what you are doing – even if we never quite "understand"!

    Have a great trip!

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Hey Rach. Yeah. It's pretty cool. I'm learning already that things fall into place. Had no idea where I would be staying tonight in Pusan. But once I got here a nice girl at the information center sorted me out. Photos and story to come soon.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Thanks, Jo. Confucious was proven right today. Big learning curve with how to find a place to stay in a big city on a bike cycling on the wrong side of the road in heavy traffic with lots of gear. Fun times.

  • Mum

    Hi Rob,

    Hve you mangaed to find a place to stay? I presume Korea drives on the right side of road?

    Just in case you don't get my email (sent to I have re-signed up to Skype and our name is thethomos.

    Have fun

  • Rich


    Good luck with your journey. I'll keep checking your blog periodically. Hope your health is back in check now;)

    Stay safe brother and enjoy the ride;)


  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Hi Mum, if I can get this computer to recognise my USB stick, then I can upload today's diary entry, but in the meantime, the information center at the ferry terminal could speak Japanese, so they explained the route to a backpackers'. So long as it's not raining, I'll be out of here tomorrow (24th July). The city air is giving me a cough and it's just a bit too big for my liking. Looking forward to getting out into the countryside.

  • Joeru


    Was just thinking, "Rob should be off soon."

    Best wishes on the trek. I look forward to your blog. You have apparently made a cameo apperance on the NHK documentary I am in. You remember when we talked about onsen at lunch? They portrayed me as an onsen afficianado among the staff. Thanks for your cooperation. I haven't seen it yet. Don't get satellite TV… I can have a copy in the mail for you whenever you make it back to NZ.

    Also, lookin to do onsen no. 88 tonight. Mastery awaits. Off to the tourism bureau tomorrow AM to make it "official"