A Prayer

Lord, thank you for words. But even then, there is so much inequality in the world; even when it comes to words. Some have the privilege to be able to learn words. Learn grammar. Become literate. Some don’t.

Us fortunate ones, we are so complacent. So content. Heads in the sand. Not willing to give up what we have to help those in need.

Injustice. Grain to feed the cows to feed the over-nourished rich people.

Why are the rich so discontent? Because they know that things don’t line up. Their excess consumption eats away at their souls.

If everyone could just keep to themselves, be void of choice, perhaps everyone would live peacefully. No confusion about how to live life.

But things have changed. Now we have choice in abundance. Choice to choose not to choose. Choosing to choose choice over no choice. Deep discontent in souls.

How are we to connect with you? How do we all connect with you without blood shed from the soul. Am I right? Are they right? How do we interact without searing, scarring friction?

Beauty. Fear of beauty. Beauty betrayed. Avoidance of aesthetic expression, lest the Devil tear our eyes from the pulpit.

Where have we gone wrong?

Creator of the Universe, answers please.

One Comment:

  1. The more we have the more we are discontent for sure. We go to a village every Saturday to have fun with the kids and teach a little English. Some of the families there live in houses that we wouldn't see fit to use as garden sheds in NZ! What a privilege to have time with the kids there and learn how little we really need to survive.

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