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8 thoughts on “Adventure links

  • malcolm


    So good to hear the stories. I really enjoy the point and shoot photos too. they are a humerous addition to the great digital ones with a fun story – not so fun for you at times but hey. So. You are a meeting houser. this is fun. Maybe you should find the series called not ashamed. it is a quick run through romans and quiet enjoyable. another great series (probably better than not ashamed is the one about some terrible things in the history of the church called "when darkness falls". In addition to brux I've been listening to some sermons from the christian fellowship centre in belfast which are pretty interesting too. Anyway. I hope you are thinking about how you'll write that book when you get back. Hug a local for me.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Malcolm, I'm listening to the Romans series now. Maybe I'm thick and my brain function have been dulled by endless stretches of corrugated roads, but I do need to listen to each sermon twice in order to fully understand what he's going on about. All very good stuff once I have comprehended it though. As for the book, we'll see…I loved your October 17th entry on your blog. Great story.

  • malcolm

    Obviously if you dont take in everything he says (while you are distracted with the rest of the world that is going by) you are a bad person. – I have listened to some of then 5 or 6 times. and yes. the thick milk experience was… hilarious.

  • Joeru


    Did I tell you that you are my new hero? All I need now is a plan to get off the Mountatin and go get a degree.

    Enjoy your trip and I am looking forward to the next report from the next Stan.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Joeru, anybody can do what I have done. In fact, I think many would do it better. If you need more inspiration, check out the motto of Rich, another mad cyclist:

    Dream it, Plan it, Do it